weeLove: Not Your Typical Swaddle

A Bedtime Must-have 

Lay Down, Swaddle Up

Swaddling brings newborns back to the good old days in the womb. But here’s the catch… not all babies enjoy being wrapped like a burrito with their arms down by their sides. Instead of sleeping, they turn into tiny Houdinis who’ll stop at nothing to break free.

The Love To Dream Swaddle UP is a game-changer. The unique, hip-friendly design allows little ones to position their arms in a natural, upright position, while still creating a snug fit to calm their startle reflex. Babies can even move their hands to their mouth for self-soothing. This means they sleep better and so do you. Better yet, it’s a breeze for sleep deprived parents to use (especially during 3am diaper changes), thanks to the two-way zipper.

From the newborn months to the toddler years, the Love To Dream Sleep System has a comfy, safe solution for every snooze stage. Once your tot is ready to transition out of swaddles, try the Swaddle Up 50/50. Simply unzip one “wing” so your kiddo can adjust to having a free arm (optimal for thumb-sucking!), then unzip the other. Voila—no more swaddle! From 6-48 months, try their Sleep Bags. Keep in mind, there’s a variety of TOGS (fabric weights) so you can choose a higher TOG for winter and a lower TOG for summer.

With a Swaddle UP, your whole fam will get the kind of ZZZs that dreams are made of.


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4 Responses

  1. Renae says:

    This swaddle has really helped our 2 week old. He wasn’t digging the traditional arms by the side swaddle, he really just wanted his arms up. Since we switched to this, he does 2.5-3 hours sleep stretches (instead of 45 minutes to 1 hr)

  2. Kelly H says:

    Love this swaddle! Helped my little guy sleep. Kept him warm with out getting him hot! I recommend this to moms all the time!!

  3. Ashley Phillips says:

    This swaddle is amazing. I don’t think we would have slept at all if we didn’t have this. Our son loved having his arms up so it worked well with an easy zipper design. We bought multiples in every size. I could not thank this company enough to making this brilliant design. Never again will I ever HAVE or recommend a swaddle that has Velcro. This is the one everyone needs.

  4. Lexine M says:

    We used this swaddle for my second daughter who would break out of a tradition swaddle in seconds. This helped her sleep so much better! Also, it allowed her the comfort of her hands close to her face. I recommended to friends and they had the same great reaction!

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