weeLove: The newborn snooze situation just got easier

The Ollie Swaddle

A One-size-fits-all Essential 

Parenthood is filled with endless choices to make, options to weigh, and Googling to do (amiright)? Sometimes, picking the right gear can feel like a full time job. Good news: there’s a must-have swaddle that makes at least one decision a breeze, while helping your baby get the sleep they need (a win-win!).

The Ollie is a one-size-fits all swaddle that’s luxuriously soft and super simple to use. Even when it’s 3AM, you’ll get your baby back in “burrito” mode, STAT. Rather than cumbersome folding and tucking, the Ollie’s easy velcro closures and elastic tie at the bottom create a custom, secure fit that’s just right for your kiddo, even as they grow. So you can get one… and be done. Plus, the moisture-wicking fabric helps reduce overheating. It also has a bit of stretch to it, fostering proper hip development. Once your baby starts rolling over, you can swaddle them in the Ollie with their arms out.

Keep in mind: the velcro can be a bit loud. So, if you’re doing a snoozy diaper change, only untie the bottom, rather than unwrapping the whole swaddle.

The Ollie is pricier than most swaddles. But countless parents consider night after night of awesome sleep (for everyone!): priceless.


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