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Listen with Lunii 

Small box, big fun

In today’s super-connected world, kids and adults have gadgets and gizmos aplenty. (The Little Mermaid was well ahead of her time.) Want to take a break from screens or steer clear of them altogether? Here’s a different type of device for little ones that you won’t want to leave home without…

My Fabulous Storyteller from Lunii is a screen-free way to keep tots entertained with the power of their own imaginations. This interactive storytelling device is packed with children’s audio stories (it’s kind of like a radio/podcast combo just for kids!). Better yet, your child helps create awesome adventures by choosing their own characters, locations, and more. Lunii comes with over 48 stories to start and you can download more story packs by purchasing them on Luniistore. Powered by an internal, rechargeable battery, there are no emissions.

From bedtime stories to endless travel entertainment (yes, please!), Lunii‘s little box brings big time fun, learning, and imagination.


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