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Peace of Mind from Mimo


We all do it… tiptoe into our little one’s room way more times than we’d like to admit to make sure they’re breathing. While they’re sleeping like a baby, we’re wide awake. (Whoever tells you to “sleep when they sleep” clearly forgot what it’s like to be a new parent.)

Mimo helps everyone rest easy, with the first sensing baby monitor. These machine-washable onesies are equipped with non-contact sensors that measure breathing and a magnetically detachable turtle that monitors skin temperature, body position and sleep activity. The data is sent via wi-fi right to the IOS or Android app. You can listen to audio and even set notifications to get updates, whether you’re across the room or across the country.

With Mimo, you’ll be in the know about everything happening in the crib thanks to the best baby monitor, without having to risk stepping on the squeaky floorboard. They were out of stock most of the summer because of through-the-roof demand, so order yours now while they have them!

PS. They’re now sold on Amazon! Order yours now before they sell out.

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