weeLove: The Nanit Sleep System

So much more than a monitor

Say hello to your baby sleep sherpa

Is he asleep? What was that sound? Where’s the pacifier? Is the swaddle still okay? Maybe I should just go in there and check (said as you’re already turning the nursery door knob…)

If this angst sounds familiar, you’re not alone. New parents are notorious for being glued to their monitors, trying to keep tabs on their tot’s every move. Let Nanit do the work for you and ease your worries. This smart sleep system live streams HD video and audio on your phone—so you can see the action (or hopefully really good ZZZs!) whether you’re in the kitchen or at work. Parents appreciate the ability to zoom in to see details (Oh, there’s his binky!), as well as the crisp night vision.

The camera connects to a wall mount, placing it directly above your baby for an unparalleled “crib’s eye view.” Cords are tucked away neatly in a cable management system and a soft, dimmable nightlight is embedded, too.  (You can purchase a small floor stand if you want to a different setup or need to travel.) 

Aside from the incredible video quality, Nanit uses smart sensors to track real-time motion, sound, temperature, humidity, and so much more. Using the iOS or Android app, you (and your caregivers) will get helpful notifications and be able to hear audio when your phone screen is off or you’re using other apps. Better yet, if your Wi-Fi cuts out, the live stream will still be going strong.

To really take the tracking up a notch, sign up for Nanit Insights. This paid subscription (free for 30 days) actually learns and analyzes your baby’s sleep patterns. You can view activity on the dashboard—which tallies up everything from sleep duration to visits to the room. Each morning you’ll get a sleep score, a time-lapse video summary, and tips to improve the quality of sleep.

Now just think of all the things you and your partner can talk about when you don’t have to wonder what’s going on in the crib!



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