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Safe Scrubbing with e-Cloth

Life with little ones is messy—to say the least. There’s always someone or something that’s sticky, covered in cracker crumbs, or in urgent need of a tissue. From toys to car seat crevices (we shudder to think about what’s lingering in there), all you need is an e-Cloth and water to de-crumb and de-germ.

e-Cloths use microfiber technology to clean without chemicals, and they really get the job done. Simply wet the cloth with water and scrub while the fibers do the work—removing over 99% of bacteria from hard surfaces. Just toss the cloth in the wash and it’s ready to use again (and again, and again…).

We’re particularly obsessed with their baby line, which makes cleaning your kiddo’s belongings a breeze. Thanks to these handy cloths, you never have to worry about toxic cleaning product ingredients coming into contact with your baby (or her beloved teether for that matter). For mealtime messes, use the Table & High Chair Cloth to remove food (a.k.a. dried mystery mush) on the straps, seat, and even in the grooves of the fabric. Say goodbye to drool (momentarily) with their Toy and Nursery Cloth. And always keep the Stroller & Car Seat Cloth on hand to wipe up spills and grime from plastic, metal, and fabric. We’re also fans of e-Cloth’s hooded towels. They’re big, cozy, and water-wicking (perfect for a quick bath to PJ transition).

e-Cloths can’t make the Legos you’re always stepping on disappear, but those crushed Cheerios don’t stand a chance.


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