Big Qs: What’s in your diaper bag?


Many moms and dads pride themselves on getting out of the house with a well-stocked diaper bag … one that’s equipped to handle any accident, wardrobe change, snack request, and cleanup scenario. It’s like a bag of solutions. (Well, that’s what we tell ourselves…) Having the right stuff makes us feel more prepared for whatever the day may bring.

Need a snack? Which one of these five would you like?

Spit up all over your shirt during music class? Cool. Let’s wear this one instead.

Tossed your toy off the stroller into a puddle? No prob, kiddo. Here’s another.

Mommy needs coffee. $&*%. Where’s my wallet?

Do you keep it light and just stick to the basics? Or are you prepped and ready for every just-in-case situation? We’d love to know what’s in your bag of tricks. Share your diaper bag must-haves for parents and babies here. We’ll share our favorite list and send you a weeSpring t-shirt if we choose yours.

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