EXCITING STUFF: new profile page on weeSpring!

At long last, we’re thrilled to share the new weeSpring parent profile page, where you can organize all of your must-haves and don’t-buys.

When we set out to build weeSpring, we expected parents would rate between 5 and 10 products, so we designed a page that would showcase that handful of favorites.

Well, it turned out that you all love to rate products. Lots and lots and lots of products.  So many weeSpring users rated more than 50 products it “broke” the system.  It was pretty much the best problem we could imagine.

So now, we’ve divided everything into the products you have and the products you want, and you can switch between them.  (Pro tip: you can use the want list to build a registry!)  You can expand and collapse by category — go, eat, sleep, clean, play, learn, more — and you can opt to display only the products you love (or those you don’t).

Here’s Ally’s page:

And when you’re looking at a friend’s profile page (this is Melissa’s), you can handpick her favorites to add to your own want list by clicking the pushpin.

That old Excel spreadsheet method of sharing product recommendations? Obliterated.  🙂  Because if you’re not yet 100% sure on the OXO Tot Chair, you can click right into it and see that another friend shared that it has a small footprint.

Even more fun stuff is in the works — keep an eye out! — but we couldn’t wait to share this new functionality with you.  We would love to hear what you think!

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