Calling all supermoms (and superdads)!

Photo By San Diego Shoote

Photo By San Diego Shooter


Over the next couple months, we’re hiring a handful of weeSpring parent ambassadors* in cities around the country.  What’s that entail, exactly? Well, anything you want it to… We’re bringing on self-starters who will help expand our community by brainstorming creative ways to get the word out — and then implementing them.

About the ideal candidate: a go-getter who thinks outside the box and is as good at execution as she is at idea generation.  Super-connected in the community, not at all shy about sharing what an amazing resource weeSpring is, and loves setting aggressive goals — and then blowing them out of the water.

About the role: freelance for now, but with the potential to grow into a full time, high-level management position.  Totally autonomous with flexible hours, plus the chance to work with a really fun and creative team — and really make a difference for parents.

Interested?  Apply here… (heads up, though, that in lieu of a resume/cover letter, we have an assessment that’ll take about 40 minutes).

*First task… come up with a better name than “parent ambassadors.”



photo by San Diego Shooter via photopin cc

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