weeAsked: What do I need to babyproof?


Gearing up to babyproof? Check out this week’s featured list from weeSpring parent, Lauren. Be sure to rate, review, and get the scoop on safety essentials in our babyproofing section.

Lauren’s Babyproofing Must-Haves:

  • Cabinet locks for kitchen and bath cabinets
  • Electrical socket covers
  • Gates at the tops of stairs
  • Oven/stove knob guards
  • Toilet locks
  • Door knob guards for outside and basement
  • Furniture corner bumpers
  • Window locks that limit how much they can be opened
  • Window blinds cord covers that reduce length of curtain cords

Lauren’s Tips:

  • Lock all cleaning products in cabinets or on top of shelves.
  • Keep all medications locked in unreachable cabinets.
  • Hang purses and bags up on high hooks.
  • Make your own cleaning products that are safer, cheaper and effective.
  • Hang knives up on a magnetic wall strip away from the counter.
  • We give our kids access to certain cabinets and zones in the house for free play to encourage curiosity without too many limitations.
  • We don’t put every breakable item away because we feel by making the house completely child proof you are not giving them the opportunity to learn right from wrong or what their boundaries are.
  • We also let them explore and make mistakes with our supervision to learn from experiences. We don’t think sheltering them entirely from the world helps them either!

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