Big Qs: Who makes the best maternity jeans?


We all know all too well how hard it is to give up a favorite pair of jeans for pregnancy.  In our own pregnancies, we tried everything: an elastic band, a belly band, a larger size…

But as most first-time pregnant women quickly find out, there are actually some pretty great options out there for maternity jeans, and once you find that perfect pair, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t been wearing them all your life!  Who doesn’t want an elastic waist band on the top of their pants?

Whether it’s investing in a pair you absolutely love—and will wear 150 days in a row—or finding a workable and budget-conscious solution, we want to hear which maternity jeans you like most…and why.

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  1. Nice Qs but we don’t know.
    But really i love maternity jeans In my city at pregnancy mostly women prefer Maternity Jeans.

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