Where to Find the Best Maternity Jeans

There are lots of little things you miss when you’re pregnant … sushi, unpasteurized cheese, being able to look down and actually see your feet, and (sniff sniff) your favorite pair of jeans.

Luckily, it’s actually pretty easy to score a great, go-to pair of jeans to fit your ever-changing body. Here are nine brands that have cute, comfy maternity styles that cover all price ranges, recommended by our weeSpring community.


1. Old Navy: “They come in “long” (SOOO hard to find on a normal day much less maternity!), three different panel styles to accommodate earlier vs. later in pregnancy, and they’re super affordable! Can’t beat ‘em.”

2. AG : “They’re very comfortable and stylish; you can’t tell they are maternity jeans. They have functioning front and back pockets. The material is great quality – soft with the perfect amount of stretch. Spendy but totally worth it!”

3. Paige Premium Denim 

: “They are soft, flattering, and, most importantly, they’re comfortable!”

4. J Brand

: “I love how they’re real jeans, just with side panels. I got sick of all of those belly bands and missed my old jeans! These made me feel normal AND in style.”

5. Motherhood Maternity

: “They fit all of me and are so comfy! I went from wearing skirts everyday to these … my new favorite jeans. WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN ALL MY LIFE?”

6. Topshop: “A solid, reasonably priced jean that you can wear throughout your whole pregnancy (and beyond).  Their high-rise style really seems to fit and flatter in all the right spots.”

7. 7 For All Mankind

: “7 For All Mankind are the best maternity jeans I’ve ever owned. They wash well and they last! I’m wearing my original pair now through my second pregnancy and my sister in law wore them through hers too. Worth every penny!”

8. Citizens of Humanity 

: “Citizens of Humanity have a full belly panel but look exactly like regular jeans. I’ve washed and worn them through two pregnancies and shared them with two other moms. They still look and fit like new!”

9. H&M Mama Skinny Jeans 
: “H&M jeans are slim fitting like the designer jeans I usually wear and fit great. I bought a pair of light washed distressed jeans because it was summer and a dark pair of skinny leg jeans for going out at night. At $30-50 a pair, I never got so many compliments! I’m keeping them to share with all of my friends.”

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3 Responses

  1. Malia says:

    My Motherhood Maternity jeans lasted 1.5 pregnancies before ripping at the seam on the seat. They aren’t adjustable on the inside and don’t have belt loops, so they constantly slip down my hips. I’d look for something with adjustable elastic+fasteners next time.

  2. I think that are perfect the maternity jean. At any of stage when we are pregnant or not then we can easily buy the maternity jeans.

  3. sandy says:

    Wow, that’s a fabulous post! I’m currently 27 weeks and have too got to the point where I’m wearing a very small capsule wardrobe. For a girl who loves clothes, this is slightly depressing. From around 3 months I did invest in some stretchy dresses from H&M which are seeing me through work. I also bought the Leigh maternity Topshop jeans but really don’t like them, I’m constantly pulling them up and I feel like they look like ‘mum’ jeans as they aren’t very skinny, especially around the ankles.

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