Fairy Tales Come to Life for This Sleeping Baby

For children, their parents are heroes. But in parent-reality, our children are our heroes. Every small step, every little word, every new accomplishment is an achievement, and we celebrate them. It’s not different for Sioin Queenie Liao, a freelance artist living in California. As a mom to three boys, she’s been creating incredible artwork that focuses on her children.

Every day just before her son Wengenn takes his nap, she imagines him being her hero, the main character in one of her favorites fairy tales. That’s when she “paints” a background setting with plain clothes, stuffed animals, and other common household materials, just like how an artist would with her paint brushes.

After Wengenn is asleep, she places him at the center of the theme and starts taking these wonderful pictures, themed as “Wengenn in Wonderland.”

Sion is working on creating a book and a calendar, and to find out when they’re available, sign up here.

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Wengenn-A-Friendly-Scarecrow1000 Wengenn-A-Priceless-Gem1000 Wengenn-A-Romantic-Dinner1000 Wengenn-Baby-Alien1000 Wengenn-Harvesting-Love1000 Wengenn-Journey-to-Lilliput1000 Wengenn-Little-Picasso1000 Wengenn-Magic-Sail-Ride1000 Wengenn-My-Bunny-Friend1000 Wengenn-Reaching-the-Stars1000
Wengenn-Soaring-High-in-the-Sky1000 Wengenn-Stork-Delivering-Wengenn1000 Wengenn-Symphony-No1-1000 Wengenn-The-Arabian-Night1000 Wengenn-The-Mighty-King-of-Spades1000 Wengenn-The-Nutcracker-Soldier1000 Wengenn-The-Precious-Matryoshka1000 Wengenn-The-Pyramid-Adventure1000 Wengenn-The-Valiant-Cowboy1000 Wengenn-Topping-Wall-Street1000Wengenn-A-Castle-in-the-Sky1000 Wengenn-Preparing-a-Hearty-Breakfast1000


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