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It’s Friday! Between changing diapers, strolling around with the fam, painting some Easter Eggs, and toasting to the weekend with a mimosa, don’t forget to stay up to date with our weekly roundup.

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Wine Holder

– GIFTS: Wine Time
Add this to your Mother’s Day wish list, because apparently the shower is the only place you get enough alone time to enjoy a glass of wine.

– MOMS-TO-BE: ‘Pee Parties’ Latest Baby-Making Trend
Pee parties — also known as POAS, or Pee on a Stick Parties — are the latest way women are taking what was once a very private moment very public. Like the mom who live-tweeted the birth of her child, or the couples who find out the gender of their baby alongside all their family and friends, what used to be a closely guarded secret until after the first trimester is now being shared online within minutes of seeing one line or two. (by ABC News)


– PHOTOGRAPHY: Springtime Easter Chid Portraits
Take a look at these gorgeous pictures and be inspired for your Easter photo shoot. The two little ones are the son and daughter of Molly Stark of Tres Chic Affairs. (by On to Baby)

Stephanie Nielson, Nie Nie, photographed by Justin Hackworth

– INSPIRATION: Party Animal
The kids absolutely love the super-viral video “What Does the Fox say?“. So why not celebrate their birthdays with a themed animal party? That’s what Nienie did and took some amazing pictures to share in her blog with us. Really fun! (by Nienie Dialogues)


– PARENTING: 10 Reasons It’s Awesome Having Twins
This link is for Melissa Post, one of our founders, and all our readers that have twins! Written by Diana McDevitt. (by Scary Mommy)

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