A Guide for the Baby Shower Guest of Honor

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We love planning baby showers. We love the food and the decorations… we even secretly love planning the games! Sometimes, though, we forget about how the guest of honor might be feeling.  It’s great when someone throws you a party, but sometimes it’s hard to be the focus of everyone’s attention (especially when you might not be feeling your best due to your bundle of joy resting squarely on your bladder!). With that in mind, we put together a go-to guide for the guest of honor at their baby shower. Some of these are common sense, but some are definitely ideas that you’ll be thanking us for!

Get a blow out: There will be a ton of pictures from your baby shower and you’ll want to look your best. Make an appointment and get your hair done. You’ll feel great about yourself and your gorgeous hair will match your pregnancy glow!

Designate a Scribe: Make sure someone is writing down all the gifts and the giver’s name. If your host mailed out invitations, ask if she’ll print off a list with names and addresses ahead of time.  Then the scribe just has to add the gift to the list and you’re all set to mail out thank yous.

Host/ess Gift: Speaking of thank yous, don’t forget to bring one for the host/ess! They’ve gone to a lot of effort to make your shower wonderful and a little gift will show them how much you appreciate all of their work.

baby shower guest of honor

Tips for the guest of honor at their baby shower.

Hand Off Your Camera: Give someone else your camera or designate a guest or two to play photographer so that you can get some pictures that include you.

Create a #Hashtag: With everyone posting to Instagram, you’ll want a way to see all the pictures from the shower. If you create a hashtag that isn’t too general, it will be a great way for you to search images and a great way to share images with people who couldn’t make it. Think of something along the lines of #babyboybrown. You don’t want it too long and you don’t want something that a million other people will be using.

Keep Some Secrets: For example, don’t tell people the name you’ve picked unless you’re 110% certain. Some people like to monogram gifts like diaper bags or towels or clothing and that’s a gift you can’t return if you change your mind.

Registry Science: It may seem like you should register for anything and everything, but when that happens, that’s what you get! Be sure to ask your friends with children what items they thought were necessary and what were a complete waste.  Better yet, sign up for weeSpring and be able to see all of that feedback in one place! Ask for things at a bunch of different price points, and make sure you register at a place(s) that has easy returns.

Practice your Happy Face: It’s going to happen: you’re going to receive something that is so not your taste, or that you would never use in a million years. Just smile and say, “Thank you.”

Don’t be Afraid to Ask: If this is your first baby, you might not be familiar with a wipe warmer or a breast pump.  The last shower I attended had a sink insert for baths that I had never heard of. Moms love to tell why they picked their gifts–give them a chance to explain their reasoning.

Don’t Dis the Diapers: You might think that diapers are completely unoriginal, but when it comes to babies, diapers are something you’re guaranteed to use … over and over and over again (plus, they can be pricey)! It’s the thought that counts, and whoever gives diapers was thinking practical!

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