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TGIF! With an awesome summer weekend is coming up, prepare your picnic basket, the beach bag, snacks, water, sunblock, and… of course, the kids, for a weekend in the sun! Before you head out, take a look at the links of the week.

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– CAREER: 10 Tips on Returning to Work After Maternity Leave
10 great tips for mothers who are planning on returning to work after their maternity leave is up.  The list is  based on the personal experiences of Ali, an amazing mother to two beautiful boys who also works at a Fortune 500 company. (My Life and Kids)

– PREGNANCY: What You Need To Know About A First Trimester Screening
If your OB/GYN hasn’t already talked to your about your first trimester screening, then you can expect to have the discussion soon while you’re still in the early stages of pregnancy. For the test, a practitioner will use the results of a maternal blood sample as well as an ultrasound of your baby to determine the risk you have of delivering a child with specific abnormalities such as Down syndrome/trisomy 21 and trisomy 18. (by Pregnancy Magazine)

photo credit: oxtopus

photo credit: oxtopus

– MOTHERHOOD: The Things I Said I’d Never Do As A Mom
We all have a list like this, right? The things that made us roll our eyes with righteous indignation, elbow our friends and hiss, “Look. Look at that. I’ll never do that when I have kids.” But now that the little darlings are here, we may or may not have changed our tune. (by HelloBee)


– PRINCE GEORGE’S BIRTHDAY: The Perfect Occasion To Craft Gold Pipe Cleaner Crowns
Prince George’s first birthday is on July 22nd so you still have time to plan how you’ll celebrate this undoubtedly grand occasion with your little ones! For inspiration, check out this post at Mommy Shorts.

– CELEBRITY: Hey Girl, Dad-To-Be Ryan Gosling Has A Few Things To Say
Eva Mendes is pregnant with Ryan Gosling’s baby. Soooo, this had to happen… More laughs at Huffington Post!

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