Holidazed #40: Baby’s Book of Names and Faces

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for your toddler, for new parents | starting at $29.99

Pinhole Press has been a longtime favorite of ours for their well-crafted, creative photo gifts — and their “Book of Names and Faces” is an absolutely genius concept.  You upload 12 photos of loved ones to create a flip book, with names offset on bright colors on the opposite page. Far-flung family and friends can become part of everyday story-reading, and your little one will be calling out their names as you turn the page before you know it.  Also a wonderful gift to make for your favorite (harried) new parents.

[Pro-Tip: We needed to fit 20 photos in ours, so designed our own using Blurb.]

Jessica Solloway

Mom to a 1-year old, Itsy Bitsy Spider re-enactor, weeSpring editor.

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