Holidazed #39: Magna-Tiles

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for your toddler | starting at $50

Magnatiles were a revelation for us, and a toy we probably would have only heard about via word-of-mouth because they don’t do much marketing.  (The magic of weeSpring!) All sides have high-powered magnets that allow limitless building combinations, making them a favorite with pre-schools.  (Those high-powered magnets also make it easy to make neat stacks when it’s time for clean-up.)  A tad pricey, but we hear they’re virtually indestructible and are ageless, which we’re not surprised by… we have an awful lot of fun as parents building elaborate cathedrals for our toddler to knock down.  

Jessica Solloway

Mom to a 1-year old, Itsy Bitsy Spider re-enactor, weeSpring editor.

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1 Response

  1. Aron says:

    I would like to ask you what would happen if kids or adults step on the Magnatiles would it crack or or brake ? Or what happens if a hard object falls on it?
    Can you please tell me what protects the tile that it shouldn’t brake?
    Also if kids would build tall structures and it falls down would the tile open up or it would stay tightly closed ? I would really appreciate your respond.
    Thanks .

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