The Coolest Baby Name Chart, Why Kids Should Be Left Alone With Dads and More | Links of the Week

Geared up for the long weekend? (Let’s not kid ourselves about relaxing: long weekends are exhausting for parents.) Take a breather with these links of the week.

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– PARENTING: Get Rid Of Monsters
A sweet post about how Chloe’s mom made her room safe from dragons and scary monsters. It’s a lovely reminder that we can absolutely keep our kids in a fairy tale mindset while teaching to confront their fears. (by HelloBee)


– HOUSEWORK HELP: 10 Posts About Keeping a Clean House with Kids
Apartment Therapy wrote this helpful guide with 10 ideas about keeping a clean house with kids (yes, it can be done!). Enlist your littlest mess-maker in a cleaning marathon this weekend.

– TRUST: 25 Reasons Kids Should Be Left Alone With Their Dads
Here’s the thing: when blogs like Buzzfeed beat dads down over and over and make moms distrustful of them, all it makes society say is “don’t leave your kids alone with dad — you KNOW what they do!” And then who gets all the added stress? Moms. Well, we all know better, and Zach Rosenberg helped us to prove it with this awesome list of 25 Reasons Kids Should Be Left Alone With Their Dads.

Darryl Leniuk / Getty Images

Darryl Leniuk / Getty Images

– PREGNANCY: A Little Help To Pick The Perfect Baby Name
Trying to find the perfect name for your perfect baby? Three great articles (we’re addicted to the chart from Time):


– Take a Moment to Re-Capture Your Kids’ Youth


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