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An ode to the Nosefrida.

weeSpring isn’t about experts (which is good, because we’re not experts), but this is a story worth sharing: Once, when we were on vacation, we drove 100 miles for a Nosefrida, because the baby had a cold, and we’d left ours at home.  That’s pretty much the best product endorsement...

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It’s almost Halloween!

Time to dress your baby up as your favorite foodstuff.  It feels like the options are limitless… Spicy?  Nutty?  Turkey?  Tweet us your favorites to @wee_spring.

So what’s the deal with Sophie the Giraffe?

We don’t really know either, but you can bet we own one.  Some fun facts: In 2010, Vulli sold 816,000 Sophie la Girafes in France.  Only 796,000 babies were born that year. Sophie made her American debut in Three Men and a Baby, when Tom Selleck’s character buys one from...

Introducing… weeSpring.

When weeSpring (beta) launches this winter, about nine months will have passed since we started building a platform to simplify how new and expecting parents choose baby gear.   Nine months!  That can’t be a coincidence. That kind of thinking—everything in terms of babies and pregnancy and parenting—is a big part...