So… who ARE we?

Next week, we’ve been invited to participate in a panel at Advertising Week with JWT, one of our TechStars mentors.  And prepping for it has given us a chance to reflect on who we are… and who we aim to be.

When we worked with JWT this spring, they distilled our “brand” into these six values:

And the first time we saw this slide, we knew this was US.

We’ve said from the get-go that weeSpring isn’t aspirational. We’re practical. And real.

But there is an aspirational component to weeSpring, in that when we see our friends raising happy, healthy babies, we just want to emulate them. We want their crib sheet (pun intended!) to parenting.

The thing is, though, it’s not as simple as just getting one be-all, end-all list. We like to say there’s no “best” in baby; one parent’s perfect stroller (goes over curbs without a bump!) is another’s headache (won’t fit in the trunk of my car!). Take a look at Ally’s and Melissa’s profiles for case-in-point… Two weeSpring founders, and two very different opinions about the must-haves.

So that’s reason number one why we don’t call ourselves experts. We think reason number two is even more important: we want weeSpring to be the MOST trusted resource online. And let’s face it… Most of the “best of” lists you see out there have been influenced by advertising.

So instead, weeSpring gives you your friends‘ must-haves and don’t-buys. By parents, for parents.  Just like JWT said.  

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