Big Qs: What should I pack for a picnic?


There’s nothing like spending a crisp fall day, picnicking with your favorite people. Whether you head to the local park or set up your spread out in the backyard, smart packing is key. Your essentials may not be wine and cheese these days … but they can still make a much needed appearance among the teething toys, board books, and bottles.

So what’s on your picnic packing list? Fill us in by taking this quick survey, and we’ll share our favorite list this week. For some inspiration, check out Melissa’s must-haves:


JJ Cole All Purpose Blanket: These blankets are the best for any and all outdoor activities. They fold up easily and are waterproof.

Green Sprouts Stacking Cup Set: Entertainment when outside the house is key, and these cups are multipurpose (stacking, fake tea parties, putting things inside of…). I don’t leave the house without them!

Zoli Bot Straw Cup: I never leave the house (especially when it’s warm out) without water. My girls love these cups, and with water in particular they’re easy to clean. Hydration is key!

iPlay Sun Hat: BEST sun hats, and perfect for a picnic! These are floppy and so easy to fold. They have a tie so you can ensure they stay on. Plus they’re waterproof and come in every color. I want one for myself!

Baby Mum Mums, Puffs, and Veggie Sticks: I don’t go anywhere without Mum Mums, especially somewhere I expect my kids to sit still for more than two minutes. These keep them busy (especially if you break them into small pieces) for awhile. I always have these snacks in my diaper bag too.

Munchkin Cool Wrap Bottle Bag: Great for storing bottles and utensils when on the go.

Paper Towels or Napkins: You can never have enough napkins (in addition to wipes of course).

Skip Hop Pronto Changer: Critical for any outing, this compact changing pad fits wipes, A&D, and diapers. It’s also waterproof which helps if there are accidents. I wish I had known about this from Day 1.

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack: These rings keep my girls busy for awhile, and they’re also pretty easy to travel with.

Gerber Graduates Forks and Spoons: These are my favorite with an easy grip, and they’re just the right size. Whenever we go out, we bring these along, and use them at home. I keep a spoon and fork in my diaper bag at all times.

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