weeAsked: What are the must-haves for a comfortable pregnancy?

First — a BIG thank you to the 100+ moms who shared their weeLists with us this week.  We were floored by how many of you responded.  We saw a lot of body pillows, anti-nausea remedies, preparatory books, and comfy clothing (and shoes! lots of shoes…).

We also loved reading your tips about taking care of yourself as a mom-to-be. Our faves: pre-natal yoga, pedicures (both before and after you can’t reach your feet!), patience, and a supportive partner.

And the most creative must-have for pregnancy?  The nightlight for the bathroom… because you’ll be there in 20 times a night.  We can relate!

It was tough to pick just three, but below are our top lists from this week.  Stay tuned, though — because soon, you’ll be able to browse all of your friends’ weeLists right from weeSpring.  And keep an eye out for our next Big Q on Sunday!

Katie’s List:


1. Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Support BeltIt’s hideous but really helped with my back and sciatica pain (Isn’t pregnancy glamourous?)

2. Room Deoderizer (Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator): My sense of smell was so strong that I could smell EVERYTHING. Our downstairs neighbors had a dog and smoked, and while that didn’t bother me before it drove me insane while pregnant.

3. iPhone Apps (i.e., BabyCenter)I loved tracking my pregnancy with phone apps. It was fun to see all of the changes each week.

4. Sonoline B DopplerI had several scares while pregnant and the doppler really helped calm my nerves.

5. Realistic Post Birth Expectations (What to Expect the First Year Book)I read. A LOT. I wanted to be prepared for everything. One thing that helped the most was knowing that I wouldn’t just deflate and lose all of the weight at once. Being prepared helped.

6. Fla-Vor-Ice PopsI ate probably a million of these. Being pregnant thru the hottest summer on record was rough.

7. My husband: He dealt with my horrible sickness, crankyness, etc. He would rub my feet every day and took such good care of me!

8. Great yoga pantsBeing pregnant gets you a pass for all clothes faux paus

9. Zofran:  I had morning sickness that was all day-all pregnancy sickness. I would never have survived pregnancy without it.

Abigail’s List:


1. Lifefactory Glass Water BottleStay hydrated and avoid BPA by using a glass bottle. This bottle can go in the dishwasher and the silicone sleeve protects it from breaking when its dropped.

2. Werther’s Hard Candieshave these in your bag at all times for nausea

3. UGG Mocassin Slippers: Swollen feet need a comfy home and they are also great to bring to the hospital because they’re comfortable and have real shoe tread. You can wear them around the hospital and even outside to the car when you’re leaving!

4. Preggie Pops (or the drops)Whether it’s all in my head or they really work, they helped with nausea too. And you should always have options because one day something you loved could start making you sick.

5. Earth Mama Angel Baby Stretch OilToxic-free anti-stretch mark oil. Need I say more?

6. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow: You’ll want a body pillow at all stages; it can be hard to sleep with a big belly and then if you have acid reflux, you can curl it up and use it to raise your back.

Lesley’s List:


1. Tums Freshers (combo antacid and breath mint): I have heartburn 1-5 times per day and just one of these both eliminates the burn and freshens my breath.

2. FitFlop Sandalsthey just feel so good on achy feet.

3. Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Padsthe only effective cleansing pads that didn’t have any ingredients that I couldn’t find at least one source telling me that I was endangering my baby.

4. BodyGlide Anti-Chafing Stick: my sensitive pregnancy skin chafes so much more than my pre-pregnancy skin. I have to use this every day now, not just when working out.

5. Old Navy tank topsI wear these 75% of the time, both casually and while working out. So cheap, so simple, so cute.

6. pur-Absorb Iron staying on top of my iron intake from the beginning means that my numbers in the last couple months are excellent and I am very far from being anemic, which means my energy is great and my I’m not dealing with depression.

7. NuAngel Bra Extendersinstead of buying two waves of bras as my rib cage grew, I just bought a few extenders and made my first wave purchase last the entire 9 months.

8. Patagonia’s Active Hipster underwear: Doesn’t chafe, handles sweat really well and much, much cuter than maternity underwear.

9. A man that cooks: I know these are hard to find, but I never would have survived this pregnancy so far without my man cooking dinner for me every night (and sometimes breakfast).

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