We are… TechStars!


Today, weeSpring was announced as one of the companies in TechStars’ New York City program.  As one of 11 start-ups selected from more than 1,700 applications, we are incredibly excited and proud.  We joke often about weeSpring being our second baby, and this kind of feels like our baby won a Rhodes Scholarship.

What this means, first and foremost:

You’ll be seeing a lot of changes to weeSpring over the next three months.  The TechStars credo is “Do more faster,” and we’re already rolling on a lot of improvements and changes. For instance, it’s a lot easier now to invite your friends to join weeSpring, and we’re rolling out our superparents soon too, so keep an eye out for a badge on users’ profile pictures.

What it also means: we need your feedback, now more than ever. We started building weeSpring because it was a resource we were desperate for, and we want to know what tools and functionality would help you most. So if you’ve been thinking, “boy, it would be really cool if I could ______,” let us know!

And this warrants saying again and again — thank you so much for your early support. You are the reason weeSpring is growing into such a powerful resource (more than 17,000 product ratings to date!).

So, keep rating, keep inviting your friends… and keep sending feedback our way!

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