weeLove: A Winter Weather Must-Have… for Inside.


The Snuggliest Sleeper Around


From blizzards to frigid temps, these last few months have given Jack Frost a run for his money. (If you’re reading this from somewhere warm, we’re jealous.) When it’s cold outside, your little one’s inside winter wardrobe is just as important as their snow gear…

Before baby can master a blanket, keep him safe, warm, and cozy in a Baby Deedee Sleep Nest (don’t you want one just based on the name?). This wearable blanket is a weeSpring bedtime favorite for tons of reasons. It’s lightly quilted (like a perfect duvet cover) with a 100% cotton shell for maximum breathability. The shoulder snaps are an added bonus… no more wrestling wriggly arms into a sleep sack.

So, when there’s a chill in the air (even when your thermostat’s cranked), with a Baby Deedee Sleep nest, everyone can rest easy.


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2 Responses

  1. Katie says:

    I was worried as LO has started moving in her sleep a little lately. Perfect time to transition to a sleeping bag. Could not find a better alternative. Look well made and has 600+ positive reviews. Hoping LO would love it too.

  2. Tripsymommy says:

    We are a huge fan of baby deedee sleeping bags. Kind of sleep saver in our house. My little one just can’t sleep without his favorite sleep bag. Very practical design keeping mommies in mind. And given that sleeping bag is looked after and machine washed correctly then they are pretty indestructible. Would highly recommend to all new parents!

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