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Preparing to have a baby?

Classes from Pregnancy to Parenthood

Thinking about your birth plan? If you’re unsure of what to research, who to listen to, and how to stop the 3am Google spiral… you’re not alone. Yep, prepping for the big day is a big deal. Information overload makes many people feel overwhelmed when creating a birth plan. And no matter how many spreadsheets you have, delivery can be unpredictable. That’s where Birthsmarter comes in….

Whether you’re planning to deliver at home, the hospital, or at a birthing center (or if this is your first or fifth kiddo), Birthsmarter’s online education classes and support groups help make the parenting learning curve more relatable and inclusive. Created by a mom (birth educator and doula!), virtual classes provide an unbiased, scientifically rooted perspective about all things childbirth and postpartum.

Birth educators help expecting parents understand and navigate the birthing process in the U.S., so they feel informed, empowered, and supported. They use the latest research along with practical wisdom to give your family the tools to think critically and change gears if necessary during delivery.

While you can sign up for classes á la carte, we love the “bundles” that group several key classes together for a comprehensive childbirth planning journey. Need flexibility? Packages aren’t linked to specific dates. Once you pick your bundle, let them know which dates you would like to register for. Classes can be taken in a month, or spread out across trimesters. 

Birthsmarter’s resources, consultations, and classes connect with various audiences, like Queer/LGBTQIA families, BIPOC families, single parents, and more. They also offer a “pay what you can” pricing model, no questions asked.

So, no matter where you are in your journey, Birthsmarter makes your unique path a little easier, and a lot more informed.


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