weeLove: This Gadget is SUNsational

Solar Buddies

Kid-friendly Sunscreen Applicator

Putting sunscreen on squirmy kiddos is a job for superheroes and their trusty sidekicks. Good thing that superhero is you. And that sidekick is a Solar Buddie. (Capes, not required.)

Solar Buddies are sunscreen applicators that can be filled (and re-filled over and over!) with your choice of sunscreen. Made by moms, Solar Buddies are mess-free and easy to use. No more sunscreen hands, excess globs of lotion, or sprays into the ether. (Woot-woot!) Simply twist off the top, shake, and roll sunscreen onto skin. There’s a sponge ring around the roller ball that helps apply just the right amount of lotion.

Bigger kids will enjoy putting sunscreen on themselves with this handy gadget, but stay nearby to ensure they’re totally covered. (Pro tip: If sunscreen gets clogged over time, just wash the head with warm water and let it air dry.

So whether you’re heading to the park or the pool, the backyard or the beach… don’t forget to bring your new “buddie” along.


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