weeLove: Sip for social good this summer

Me & the Bees

Lemonade with Love

A refreshing glass of lemonade is good. A social good lemonade company is great. And the fact that it was founded by a kid with an entrepreneurial spirit? Seriously awesome.

Me & the Bees Lemonade all started ten years ago when little Mikaila Ulmer was stung by a bee. She channeled her fear of the buzzing insects into doing research, becoming fascinated with honeybees and how they benefit our ecosystem. She turned lemons into her grandmother’s delicious lemonade recipe, selling it at lemonade stands and donating the profits to bee-saving organizations. Today, it’s a thriving business with now 15-year-old Mikaela at the helm as CEO.

Me & the Bees Lemonade is sweetened with local honey, 100% cane sugar, monk fruit, organic mint, and flaxseed (her grandma’s secret ingredient!). This combo contains no high-fructose corn syrup and is lower in sugar than the typical glass of lemonade. Better yet, this brand is all about giving back. Mikaila established The Healthy Hive Foundation, a non-profit on a mission to save all bees and inspire social entrepreneurship. The organization raises funds to support beekeepers and scientific research, helping protect bees and their habitats. She even has her first book coming out in August, Bee Fearless, Dream Like a Kid. (#goals)

In addition to enjoying a cold glass of lemonade, supporting this brand reminds us to always “beelieve” in our children’s dreams.



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