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Soothe with Hugimals

The snuggliest way to reduce stress

We can all use a good hug, amiright? Hugimals are the cutest, cuddliest way to get snuggles and stress-relief. These extra-soft, weighted stuffed animals are designed to “hug you back”—lowering stress, helping with focus, boosting calm vibes, and aiding in sleep.

Developed by a health journalist, with doctors and therapists, Hugimals bring the emotional support benefits of weighted blankets, without the bulk. This crew of furry friends includes a removable weighted inner body made of non-toxic glass beading and a machine-washable outer plush—making them easy to love and keep clean.

From back-to-school anxiety to bedtime worries, the gentle weighted pressure cues a relaxation response from the parasympathetic nervous system, helping people of all ages feel calm, grounded, safe and secure. (Seriously, you’ll want one just as much as your kiddo does! #selfcare) Snuggle with your Hugimal on your lap or lay with it on your tummy or chest to experience soothing sensations anytime you need a hug.

Recommended for ages two and up, it’s stress-relief, disguised as a favorite stuffed animal that gives full-body hugs. As Roxi, age 11 said, “This is my new therapist.” We’re sold!

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