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Your Forever Footwear

A great pair of shoes goes a long way (literally!). And Sans Matin sneakers are the real deal. These comfy kicks bring a level of effortless elegance to a parent who probably hasn’t slept through the night and is walking around with a hint of baby food in their hair. 

With unisex designs for men and women, these ethically handmade sneakers will stand (no pun intended) the test of time and will be your go-to shoe for any adventure—whether that’s a trip out of town or a trip to the grocery store. We love the impeccable attention to detail, locally sourced materials, and how collections are named after the founders’ family members!

Known for their simply sophisticated style, comfortable fit (they’ve got a triple-layered footbed), and exceptional quality, Sans Matins can easily be dressed up or dressed down depending on your day. And when you’re done with your old sneaks, simply return them with a pre-paid label for a discount off your next pair. Shoes that still have a bit of life left in them will be sent to various organizations, and those that can’t be sent off will be repurposed as new materials like carpet underlays or insulation.

So, snag a pair as a year round wardrobe staple. This new brand is just getting started, so keep your eyes peeled for future designs. As they say, if the shoe fits… wear it!

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