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We teach our kids lots (and lots) of things… how to sleep through the night, share toys, successfully eat a cracker without it combusting into a million crumbs…the list goes on. There’s a whole host of even bigger responsibilities that come along with raising good humans—including guiding our kids on how to create a more socially just world. And it’s never too early to start having important conversations about race. Ditto Magazine can help.
Created by a Black mother, Ditto Kids is all about anti-bias education that’s developmentally appropriate and engaging for children. This truly unique magazine empowers grown-ups to support kids ages 3.5-12 on the journey of anti-racism. Content focuses on the key areas of self-love, respect, the ability to recognize inequality, and tools to address it personally and within our communities. Each issue of Ditto covers a core value and culture, and concepts build upon each other from beginning to end, helping little learners (and us adults!) explore new ways of thinking—and being.
Ditto is not your average magazine. The debut issue is 64 pages of stories, gorgeous illustrations, and interactive activities. It’s beautifully bound with a matte soft-touch cover. FYI: Ditto seeks out as many BIPOC creators as possible to contribute to the mag (they’ve found fantastic contributors on Instagram!). 

With age-appropriate activities to complete, it offers the chance for kids and their grownups to reflect and learn together. As such, Ditto helps empower families to both change themselves and the world around them, without feeling scary or overwhelming.
Raising “the future” can feel like a pretty big deal. And thanks to Ditto, a better future is in our hands.

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