weeLove: The Roadmap for Working Moms

LUMO: Where Motherhood Meets Work 

A Program for Expecting Moms 

There’s no shortage of books, blogs, courses, and checklists to help you prepare to have a baby. But where’s the magic manual on how to handle maternity leave, working motherhood, and beyond? Right at your fingertips… 

LUMO, a group of certified executive and leadership coaches, offers a virtual, self-paced program just for expecting mothers. Designed for working moms by working moms, this treasure trove of tools helps you tackle all the issues (oh, hey mom guilt! overwhelm! fear! time management! boundaries!), ensuring that you’re empowered and supported by a community that “gets it.” (We can feel the collective exhale!) Move through 24 lessons, at your pace, on your time… even on your phone. From navigating maternity leave to reentry, each module is tailored to a specific stage of your personal and professional journey.

Becoming a mom is an incredible promotion. LUMO is here to help you achieve everything you want in all facets of your life. You’ve got this!


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