weeLove: The ezpz Drying Rack

Wash. Dry. Repeat.

A new product from our friends at ezpz

From the makers of the mess-catching Happy Mat, comes another awesome product to keep the peace in your kitchen. The ezpz Drying Rack is the perfect spot to dry and store baby and toddler feeding gear. Removable pegs make it simple to customize the set-up for whatever assortment of squeaky clean bottles, plates, and pacis come your way. The built-in nubbins are great for keeping utensils and cups in place. 

Made from 100% food-grade silicone, the ezpz Drying Rack is hypo-allergenic and odor resistant. Raised edges catch water before it dribbles onto the counter, and the suction feature secures the mat in place. Better yet, the simple design fits seamlessly in your space and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It’s a product you’ll use and appreciate for years. 

This drying rack keeps all the essentials clean, dry, and organized. That’s one of our favorite baby-gear trifectas! (If only your diaper bag could get the memo, amiright?)

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