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Need a Diaper Rash Cure?


Changing a squirmy baby’s diaper can be a daunting task… add diaper rash to the equation and you get two very unhappy campers. 

Lots of weeSpring parents (including our co-founder Melissa) turn to Dr. Smith’s Diaper Rash Ointment to deliver instant relief for even the worst rashes. Developed by a pediatrician back in the 1960s, this tried and true product has helped babies and their stressed out diaper-changers get through some tough times — and now it’s available nationally.

Their new Diaper Rash Spray makes visits to the changing table even more pleasant by providing the same soothing treatment, minus the mess. (Now you won’t have to use all those wipes to clean your hands!) It’s convenient, gentle and fast-acting. Plus, it won’t stain fabrics. Use daily to prevent a rash, or whenever diaper duty takes a turn for the worse. (You can find it online.)

If only all the other parts of parenting could be this easy…

Love it? Buy it!

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