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Are your baby’s sudden sniffles worth a visit to the pediatrician? Is that rash something to worry about, or just a “side effect” of too much tummy time? Should baby poop ever be green?

New parents have a zillion questions when it comes to the health and well-being of their babies. Rather than diagnose via Google or spend anxious hours in a waiting room, now you can get fast, easy access to a doctor without leaving the house…

First Opinion is your new first step in getting your health questions answered. This free iPhone app matches you with a doctor who will be your family’s go-to for everyday health questions. All of their docs are licensed physicians who are peer reviewed and required to complete the First Opinion Training Academy to ensure their medical knowledge is top notch. From sleep training to breastfeeding, allergies to stomach bugs, you can ask your MD anything and they’ll text you back in minutes. (Each doc has a backup team that takes over after hours, so you’ll always be able to connect with an expert any time of day. ) If you want a faster, guaranteed response and the option to send pictures, you can purchase an upgraded package for $9 a month to receive responses within three minutes or less.

There are no message limits so you can totally be that typical new parent and ask questions to your heart’s content. Give Google a break and get peace of mind with First Opinion.

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