weeLove: A Modern Way to Help Your Kids Manage Their Money


Debit Card for Kids

From tooth fairy funds to lemonade stand sales, weekly allowance to gifts from the grandparents…empower your kids to manage their hard earned cash with GoHenry. This debit card + app (founded by parents) helps kids earn money, learn to budget and spend responsibly, set savings goals, give to charity, and more.

Cards are personalized for your kiddo (ie: GoOlivia, GoJames, GoMax), with an awesome selection of designs to elevate the look of a typical debit card. It’s simple to add money to your child or teen’s debit card by linking a bank account or payment card to your parent account. Choose how to give your kids money—whether that’s regular allowance transfers, one-off payments, or setting additional tasks where they can keep the big bucks coming. Friends and family can send money straight to their card for easy and much-appreciated gifts! There’s even an in-app financial learning program of bite-sized lessons to keep your kid engaged. Flexible parental controls help you work with your child on their developing money skills.

A practical, fun way to learn about money? Done and done. (Bonus for all the household chores that are getting done, too!) Start with 30 days free, then plans begin at $4.99/month. So, GoHenry… and go you for setting your kids up for money management success! 

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