weeLove: The Modern Day Piggy Bank

an image of a smiling young boy in a playroom, there is a chalkboard easel behind him, and he's holding a phone with the Rooster Money Allowance app on it.


The Awesome Allowance App

A new doll, a shiny set of wheels, the latest LEGO obsession… whatever your kiddo has their heart set on having, you can help them save up for it—no (actual) piggy bank required.

RoosterMoney is an app parents love using to help their children learn about money—both saving and spending. The digital tracker keeps tabs on their money, empowers them to reach goals, and earn rewards. You can even set an allowance to automatically be delivered to your child’s account each week (no more frantically digging around your purse for cash!). Don’t be deterred if you think your child is too young for an allowance… toddlers and preschoolers feel proud when they can pitch in by bringing their bowl to the sink, helping out with the laundry, and cleaning up their toys.

One of the coolest parts about RoosterMoney is how funds can be put into different pots. “Spend” is considered the overarching wallet and those funds can be allocated to other pots: Save ($ for long-term savings), Give ($ for charities or causes they care about), and Goals ($ for big ticket items they want one day!). Your child can view their balance in the app, move money across pots, and update their goals, all with your supervision. This helps them gain an understanding of what their money can do and how great it feels to get something they worked hard to save up for.

The best part about using RoosterMoney is that it gives parents a fun, visual way to teach their kids about building good financial habits early in life. And as far as we’re concerned, that’s priceless.


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