weeLove: A Safe Sleep Essential

a hand holds a smart phone with the 4moms sleep bassinet app displayed on the screen, with the smart sleep bassinet in the backgroundThe mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet 

Safe sleep made easy

When a sleep deprived parent describes a bassinet as “magical,” you know it must be special. The new 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is helping countless babies (and their exhausted parents) get much-needed ZZZs. Just like the brand’s beloved infant seat, this bassinet uses bounce and sway motions to encourage babies to fall asleep—and stay asleep—for longer stretches.

Featuring five motions (“car ride” is a fan fave), five speed and vibration options, and white noise varieties, it’s easy to find the perfect combo to lull your little one to sleep. Simply change the settings with the touch screen panel or via the app on your phone or tablet. (This is a game-changer when you don’t want to risk those creaky floors getting in the way of a great nap!)

The Sleep Bassinet provides a firm, flat surface with mesh sides—an optimal safe sleep environment. It’s a breeze to assemble (because tired parents need to save all their energy!). We love that it’s height adjustable, so you don’t have to hunch over to place your baby in or pick them up. And the sleek, simple design fits perfectly in any space. Plus, there’s a storage basket underneath, which comes in handy for extra swaddles, burp cloths, and pacifiers.

Sounds pretty magical, right?

(And if you don’t want to take our word for it, check out what all the parents who are using it have to say.)


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2 Responses

  1. Hanna says:

    Wow, looks great! Can I use it as a regular bassinet? I’m just wondering… won’t my child get addicted like to rocking? She loves rocking but we’ve just had to go through the sleep training process for her to be able to go to sleep without rocking. We used this amazing book How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone by Susan Ubran – I loved it! Worked so fast. Although I know my girl still likes movement a lot, maybe this would be a good idea!

  2. Janine says:

    Wow, looks super safe, no? Although I’m a little bit worried – isn’t the vibration going to be addictive? I’m about to use the sleep training at 4mo (this one: http://parental-love.com/shop/baby-sleep-training I really liked) and comments says it’s good to stop rocking the baby to sleep. Won’t it be the same – that baby will not want to fall asleep without it?

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