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JJwinks Loungewear 

Amazing PJs, No Bra Necessary

One of the perks of being homebound these days is having a valid excuse to wear comfy clothes 24/7. But sometimes you don’t actually want to be spotted in sheep-themed flannel pajamas when you’re taking out the trash or enjoying a socially distant chat with a neighbor. JJwinks loungewear takes your PJ game up a (big) notch with stylish designs that look great—and most importantly—feel great.

This awesome line was created by two friends who wanted cute jammies they could wear around the house that didn’t require a bra… which was hard to come by. So they created loungewear with just the right coverage, ultimate comfort, and effortlessly chic style. Whether you’re on a Zoom conference with your colleagues or building a block tower with your kiddos, you can rest assured that the “light hug” built-in bra will keep “the girls” contained.

JJs are made in the USA from sustainable materials only—the soft, buttery fabric is actually derived from beech trees. (Cool, huh?) Nightgowns, robes, tops, pants, leggings, shorts… there’s a cozy option for everyone.

Bottom line: this loungewear is a dream come true.


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