Dedicated weeLove: The Secret to a Great Night Sleep 


That’s a Wrap  


Successfully swaddling your baby is a huge victory for new parents. (So is getting 45 consecutive minutes of sleep and remembering to take the burp cloth off your shoulder before you run errands.)

Creating the perfect baby burrito doesn’t have to be such a big to-do if you have the right swaddle. The Just Born® Deluxe Swaddle is effective and easy to use (even for exhausted moms and dads). The patented Cradle Support and Comfort Wraps™ provide all-around security, supporting baby’s head, neck and back. The tummy wrap even helps reduce gas.

Designed by parents in consultation with doctors and nurses, the Just Born® Deluxe Swaddle is the best swaddle to ensure your tot stays in a safe, correct and cozy snoozing position. It provides “hip healthy” swaddling (as recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute) and reduces the risk of overly tight swaddling. Plus, when it’s time for some arms-out action, it adjusts to grow with your baby.

When baby sleeps, you sleep. It’s a win-win.

Bring your Just Born® Deluxe Swaddle™ home. Now available in-store or online exclusively at buybuy Baby.


This weeLove was sponsored by Just Born.

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