weeLove: Keep Toys Off the Floor

weelove_grappleTired of Playing Pick-up?


Ever played that really fun game with your baby, you know, the one where they fling toys off their high chair at least one million times in 10 minutes? You pick ’em up, wipe ’em off and bam… they’re back on the floor.

The Grapple puts a stop to the pick-up game. This cute, apple-shaped multi-toy tether suctions to any smooth surface. Just connect a whole bunch of your baby’s favorites and sit back and relax. (Just kidding, you won’t be able to relax for at least 16 more years.) But you can have a meal without spending it in a permanent lunge position.

The Grapple’s adjustable tethers are simple to wrap around almost any toy. It’s a must-have for home, restaurants, and travel. (Those airplane tray tables just got a lot more entertaining.)

Big props to the parents who thought this one up! We’re totally attached.


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2 Responses

  1. I love this! I just played the fetch game with my son last night when he decided it was hilarious to keep throwing his teether off the high chair.

  2. Anjali says:

    We got this for my son’s highchair, works great and keeps his toys and teethers from getting dirty. He also likes to chew on the tethers. Really appreciate that it isn’t an eyesore and folds into a cute little apple to conceal the tethers.

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