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Dreams *do* come true with this bedside bassinet

Maximum Comfort from Maxi-Cosi

New parents are pretty obsessed with sleep—and for good reason! No one wants to stumble upon their car keys chillin’ (literally) in the fridge. The sleep deprivation struggle is real… and getting quality shut-eye is key.

Consider the lora Bedside Bassinet the sweet spot, or shall we say, sleep spot. This must-have from Maxi-Cosi sets your little one up to rest comfortably, anywhere. The versatile Iora adjusts up and down to five different heights, as well as three side-to-side positions—making frequent feedings and snuggles easier than ever. New moms love how simple it is to glide the Iora closer to bed for nursing sessions. From naps to nighttime, the supportive mattress offers just the right amount of comfort. Breathable mesh sides let the air flow through (while giving you a glimpse of your new roomie). Another great perk: the extra-large storage basket below for baby’s essentials.

Heading out of town for the holidays? The Iora folds up easily and stores in its own travel bag. No matter the adventure, you can rest (assured) with your baby in arm’s reach.

Sweet dreams, everyone!

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