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Dear Tired Parents,

Mindful Sleep Courses for Your Family

Here’s an all too common occurrence: It’s time for the baby to sleep. The baby is definitely not on board with the plan. Everyone in the room is visibly stressed out and/or crying. “Fun times!” said no parent, ever!

Create a calm and consistent environment for safe snoozing with a little help from the sleep and health experts at pip + grow. (Sidenote: how much do we love their eco-friendly, adorable bassinet box!?) They’ve partnered up with the trusted sleep coaches at Little Dipper Wellness to offer the new pip & dipper Stellar Sleep Series, featuring their evidence-based Mindful Method for Sleep program.

Their courses teach parents and caregivers how to use mindfulness to improve the whole family’s sleep routines, including your wee one. Simply put: data shows that when adults can approach a sleep situation feeling more relaxed and less anxious, their babies mimic those calm vibes. Sleep happens the happy way. Pretty genius, right?

It currently consists of three awesome online courses: Stellar Sleep 101: Foundations—think, how to set up your nursery, figure out a routine, and what to expect in those first few months of parenthood; Stellar Sleep 102: Independence—once your kiddo is 5+ months, this’ll help you get your little one falling asleep independently in a way that works best for you; and the Stellar Bundle is for those who want all their sleep ducks in a row at once (and want to save a bit of $$ too).

Keep calm and sleep on. 

Ready for some zen? Get a 20% off discount on sleep courses with code weespring20. 

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