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The Smitten Bassinet Box from Pip & Grow

When it comes to navigating the endless (overwhelming!) sea of baby products, sometimes the best thing a new parent can do is keep things simple. And it doesn’t get simpler—or safer—than the Smitten Bassinet Box from Pip & Grow. Inspired by the 80-year-old Finnish Baby Box, this cardboard sleeper for newborns checks all the right boxes (pun intended).

Founded by a child safety expert to reduce babies risk of SIDS or suffocation, this must-have bassinet is made from breathable, eco-conscious, and non-toxic materials, with slanted sides to promote better airflow. Your baby can snooze next to your bed, or in any room of the house for that matter (see: bathroom, kitchen, living room…). Designed for babies from birth to six months, it can actually hold up to 100 pounds. (And if don’t want to just take our word for having your baby sleep safely in a bassinet box, read all about it from the experts!)

A socially conscientious company, each Smitten includes a 1″ thick, custom-cut Certi-PUR foam mattress, BPA and phthalate-free waterproof cover, and 100% cotton fitted sheet. All components are ethically made in the USA by manufacturers that pay a living wage to their workers. Better yet, if you buy their new Night and Day Baby Box, they’ll donate one to an emergency shelter for children and families.

Once your baby has outgrown the box, it does double duty as a laundry basket, toy bin, rocket ship, or your child’s preferred mode of pretend transport. Plus, it stores flat so you can hold onto it until your next kiddo.

Safe, convenient, portable, lightweight, recyclable… yep, we’re smitten with the Smitten Bassinet Box. And your baby will be, too.


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