weeLove: A Seamless, Supportive Bra

Get this for “the girls” 

Sugar Candy from Cake Maternity

The last thing an expecting or new mom needs is an uncomfortable bra. As your body changes, you may feel like your bust is—quite literally—busting out at the seams. Add thick wires and rigid cups to the mix and you’re one unhappy camper.
Sugar Candy bras by Cake Maternity are a big-breasted woman’s BFF. It’s the kind of bra you can’t wait to put on when you come home from work (sweet relief!), wear when you’re chilling over the weekend, or slip on with your PJs (yep, they’re really that comfy!).
Designed with strategically placed panels, Sugar Candy’s soft, stretchy cups provide unrestricted, seamless, and wireless support. Hook and eye closure combinations help women get just the right fit and the ribbed straps can even be criss-crossed for a different fit. Available as an everyday bra or nursing bra with clips, Sugar Candy comes in six sizes to fit over 35 cup and band sizes (perfect for when your breasts keeps fluctuating!).
Don’t you wish everything about parenting could be this seamless?


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