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Re-Play Recycled

Safe & Sturdy Kids Tableware

Whether you have a baby, toddler, or big kid… mealtimes are inevitably messy. And there’s nothing better than tossing everything in the dishwasher for a clean slate (well, a clean kitchen!). But a recent report from the American Academy of Pediatrics warns families to avoid microwaving and dishwashing plastic containers that contain harmful chemicals. The report’s findings show that heat from microwaves and dishwashers can cause certain plastics to leak icky chemicals into food and drinks, posing health risks to children. Scrambling to re-evaluate the products in your kiddo’s dish cabinet? You’re not alone.

Luckily, there’s a go-to kid tableware collection that’s safe, sturdy, and a long-time weeSpring fave: Re-Play Recycled. These cheery plates, bowls, cups, and utensils are made in the USA, primarily from hard plastics (recycled milk jugs and recycled FDA approved polypropylene) and silicone. These materials don’t contain BPA or Phthalates, so you can rest assured that their products don’t fall into the categories of materials identified in the AAP report (wanna read more about how they’re safe? You can check out Re-Play’s post on the topic herejust scroll to the bottom.). Not only are they safe to heat, they’re stackable and durable. So they’ll last for years and keep that unruly kids cabinet in tip-top shape.

So now that’ you’ve got your kiddo’s dish situation sorted out… let’s tackle the next conundrum: what’s for dinner?


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