weeLove: A Super Cool Swap for Nighttime Diapers

Peejamas for Potty Training

An Eco-friendly Nighttime Diaper Alternative

Potty training can be a process (to say the least!). And even when your kiddo gets in the groove during the day, the overnights may take more time. Peejamas (get it, pee-jamas?) are made with built-in, absorbent underwear that helps children recognize the signs it’s time to tinkle even when they’re snoozing. 

These reusable potty training pants are made with certifiably safe fabrics you can feel good about. Unlike nighttime diapers, Peejamas slowly absorb about 10oz of liquid. Kids feel a wet sensation (tinkle senses—activated!). They’ll wake up and be encouraged to finish going to the bathroom in the bathroom. Simply toss in the washing machine and they’re ready for the next wear. Peejamas last for over 300 washes! (Just imagine how much money you’ll save!). Another reason to love these genius jams—you’re keeping disposable diapers out of landfills.

The Peejamas collection includes pajamas sets, mix & match bottoms, as well as daytime trainers. Take their helpful quiz to find out what’ll work best for your child. Kid-friendly, eco-friendly, wallet-friendly–Peejamas bring an awesome trifecta to the potty training party!

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