weeLove: Get Zen with a Zenimal

Breathe In, Chill Out…

Mindfulness for the whole fam 

The last couple of years have been just a *tad* bit anxiety producing, amiright? Even if your kiddos don’t always notice, there are probably lots of big feelings swirling around. A Zenimal is the perfect “sidekick” to help children (and grownups!) slow down and find much-needed calm in a fast-paced world.

Zenimal Kids+ can help little ones get into a comfy, peaceful state when they feel anxious, overwhelmed, stressed, overstimulated, and so much more. This simple-to-use device features 9 pre-loaded audio meditations with strategies for a range of situations. Just like our moods and thoughts change, our meditation needs change right along with them!

Think of Zenimal’s 9 categories like tools in a toolbox—there’s always one that comes in handy just when you really need it! Meditations include: breath, stillness, creativity/inspiration, relaxation, sleep, empathy, gratitude, feelings/awareness, and warmth/restoration. And when plugged in, Zenimal Kids + plays three sleep sound tracks for a soothing night’s sleep. No matter what’s going on… a Zenimal can be close by to help. 

Mom-developed, this portable device can be used at home, in school, or on-the-go—listen through the built-in speaker or headphones. And be sure to check out additional meditation cards for more (they have music-only cards, ones for teens, moms, and as well as a Spanish-language collection)! 

Ready to make room for mindfulness? We’re already feeling more relaxed just thinking about it…

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