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an image of a red and yellow flowered tin from Mab & Stoke. There is a small pink mab tab, a dissolvable herbal supplement.

Mab & Stoke 

Daily Herbs, Delivered

No offense to vitamins, but it can certainly feel like a chore to take a whole bunch of ’em every day. Mab & Stoke makes getting your daily dose of immune boosting supplements easier (and tastier!) than ever. Simply dissolve a Mab Tab—a combo of highly concentrated herbal extracts—into your favorite drink to get organic, eco-friendly essentials that provide a range of healing and health benefits.

Ready-made tabs are available in Calm or Immune. Calm supports stress relief, while Immune helps boost your immune system when you’re healthy or noticing the first signs of illness. (Both options sound like they could really come in handy for the times we’re living in!) You can also create custom tabs based on your personal wellness goals or concerns. Just take a quick quiz to get your made-to-order herbal blend. Tabs are  taken daily and customers rave about experiencing better sleep, energy, and focus in just a few weeks!

Mab & Stoke’s team of scientists, phytochemists, and herbalists have simplified the way we approach physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Even parents with superpowers (yep, we’re talking about you!) could use a super supplement.


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