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Sometimes Adulting is Hard 

Get Peace of Mind from Trust & Will

From organizing the kids’ toys to finally baking that perfect sourdough loaf, you may be making serious headway on that to-do list these days. Or you may be throwing those screen time recommendations right out the window so you can have just a little peace and quiet while you try get some work done.

One thing is for sure, now might be the perfect time to check off one really big to-do that often gets put on the back-burner: estate planning. We totally get it… creating a will or a trust sounds daunting and many people don’t know where to begin. That’s why Trust & Will has changed how it’s done… making the process simple, accessible, affordable, and better yet—digital.

Trust & Will offers three options to help you plan for the future, protect your assets, and create a legacy for the people you love, letting you choose a will, a trust, or a guardianship based on your unique life circumstances. There’s even a quick quiz that provides guidance on selecting the plan that’s right for your family if you’re totally in the dark.

Built by lawyers, Trust & Will’s process is quick and easy to navigate. (Some users said they’ve completed it in just 10 minutes!) And because of the unprecedented time we’re living in, Trust & Will are offering free, will-based estate plans for professionals working in a public health setting in the U.S., including health care documents, HIPAA Authorization and Medical Power of Attorney.

The best part about getting this taken care of? You’ll end up with important documents that provide you with peace of mind now, so you can focus on other things. Like how to get the spaghetti sauce stain off the ceiling. Because, kids.


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